2 May 2016

First Round Finished in Rachmaninov Hall


The first round of the I International Competition for Young Pianists “Grand Piano Competition” took place on May, 1 in the Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory. All 15 contestants performed that evening.

The atmosphere in the Hall was not a bit tense; it was more of a festival marathon than a competition: performers played at full house, the audience applauded after each piece as soloists were taking bows, and members of the award panel seemed very friendly.

“I overcome by emotions over the first face-to-face round and I believe it is true about everyone present in the hall,” Artistic Director Denis Matsuev shared his impressions over the first audition day. “You can't say with a firm who is the best because each of them is a unique and mature performer. One is better that another. Each of them is a strong personality. Each of them have his or her own style, view, sound, approach, and new unbelievable ideas.”

That day the young performers demonstrated not only their talent but self-possession.

“When Varvara Kutuzova was playing, the light in Rachmaninov Hall suddenly went off. The hall was plunged into darkness,” said Matsuev. “But despite this, the young performer kept playing. For several minutes she was playing in total darkness and she did not pause a second. When the light went on, the audience supported her with thunderous applause. That is performing experience and и fantastic concentration; and she never missed a note. Varvara’s performance became even more enthusiastic. Brava! Brava! Although it was not a pleasant moment, it was nevertheless important as it showed what a performer is worth.”

On May 2, the contestants are to rehearse with an orchestra. The competition will continue on May 3 and 4 – the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory is to hold the second round. The performers will be accompanied by the State Academic Symphony Orchestra "Evgeny Svetlanov" conducted by Alexandr Sladkovsky. Audition starts at 18.00. Online streaming by



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